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Caffiends Lounge 634
About Us


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Caffiends Lounge 634 is a coffeehouse/Beer lounge with a new vision toward good food, good drinks, good music and good people.

Bringing the best urban sounds and our best live shows... 

Everything from jazz, blues, ethnic music, ambiant, Reggae, drum n bass, jungle, House, acoustic, emo, indie, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B as well live Dj's. 

Also dont forget our Open Mic every Wed as well every Thurs Movie Night bringing the best avant-garde movies.

Try our new menu as well our delightful verbages. An delicious deserts as well our exotic tobacco in our hookah lounge patio.

You can't miss a night of warm friends as well as fun and excitement.

So look for us!!!

We are located in the heart of downtown San Diego California.

Caffiends Lounge

634 Broadway ave

San Diego Ca, 92103.

Info line: 619.544.1609




for bookings or any other inquires please e-mail us